My Story

“Freeze Frame”

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 8.  It was a Brownie (film) then and it’s a Nikon (full frame digital) now.  I’ve always had an appreciation for photography but it wasn’t until I studied it that I truly understood.  Photography means “drawing with light.”  I became keenly aware of this principle, and addicted to it, working in the darkroom.  The first time you see the image appear on the blank paper floating in the solution is awesomely incredible.  I miss my darkroom days, but for something lost, something is gained.  Coming out of the darkroom and into the light allows me much more time for shooting and capturing those fast moving moments.  Please take a look around.  I have a variety of work in my portfolio, not all shown here of course.  For instance, I have exhibited and sold my landscape images in major art shows near my Florida home.  Many of those can be viewed on my Facebook page – I also photograph charity events and bands.
My speciality remains working with people of all ages capturing their life, their milestones and their unforgettable moments.  I work with clients in both Pittsburgh, PA and Orlando, FL. I hope you will consider me to help you save those fast moving moments in lasting photographs.