“It’s your time to fly.”

You will never pass this way again, so make your senior year a memory to look back upon with the best and probably only photos that will only be about YOU.

We can make the setting what you want, the wardrobe, the vibe, the style – all your choice. And there are so many to choose from! To give you some ideas, I have done senior sessions at a vinyl record shop, horse stable, coffee shop, city streets, riverside park, football field, creek wading and inside a library, to name a few.

I also highly recommend use of a hair and make up artist (I have local contacts if you need some), and strong focus on wardrobe and accessory selection. It’s possible to rent the look you want for the day at

A good time to schedule your senior photos are either the summer before or the early fall of your senior year. Weekends book early so please plan ahead. The best time of day will be 2 hours before sunset which of course changes seasonally. I also do Senior Friend sessions which you can reserve with your best friend. Many of my clients like to order my custom DVD slideshows for use at their grad parties and I can also facilitate graduation photo announcements or albums.